42Each year Rúla Búla sponsors the Pint for Pat fundraiser to raise funds for the Pat Tillman Foundation. The annual fundraiser takes place in two events commencing with the launch of a commemorative “42” pint glass taking place at Rúla Búla forty-two days before the annual Pat’s Run Marathon in Tempe. During this fundraiser local businesses donate items for a Silent Auction and Rúla Búla donates all proceeds from the sales of Guinness and Glassware to The Pat Tillman Foundation.

On Race day each April, Rúla Búla hosts its second event of the annual fundraiser with a Runner’s Breakfast commencing at 8:00 am. All the proceeds from the sale of Guinness and Glassware during the event are donated to the Pat Tillman Foundation.


The concept to sell “Pints for Pat” started modestly with a group of Pat Tillman’s friends visiting Rúla Búla (Pat's and friends favorite pub). Whenever Pat’s friends were at the pub they would buy a round of Guinness plus an extra Pint for their buddy Pat Tillman, who was no longer with them. When the friends departed the pub one full pint always remained behind.


Pat's Run

This remaining full pint happened so frequently that it caught the proprietor’s attention so an inquiry was made of a group of Pat's friends why perfectly good pints of Guinness were left on the bar top or at a table from time to time. They replied, “That pint is for Pat”.

Not a month would pass without someone buying a pint for Pat, so the decision was made to donate any proceeds from pints bought for Pat to the Pat Tillman Foundation. That is a real testament to the measure of the man Pat was and how he personally impacted so many individuals.

On the Pat Tillman race day the runners would gather at Rúla Búla and order a pint and toast Pat. It was requested of the Pat Tillman Foundation to provide signage about the Pint for Pat donations which resulted in more people purchasing pints for Pat and the donations grew. Guinness and Alliance Beverage joined in by providing extra Guinness to Rúla Búla on race day making it possible to donate more proceeds from the sale of pints to the Foundation.

Prior to joining the Army, while Pat Tillman played football for the Arizona Cardinals he was regularly seen at Rúla Búla. Pat would often ride his bike to the pub during the day, sit in the dining room to relax and study his playbook over a pint. Pat enjoyed Guinness so much that he brought in his own Imperial 20-oz Guinness pint glass to the pub. He had it engraved with his ASU football number 42. Pat asked the bartender to keep the glass behind the bar where it was stored on the top shelf so it could easily be located when Pat stopped by for a pint.

Shortly after 9/11, Pat made the decision to leave behind his football career and join the Army Rangers. Prior to leaving, Pat came in for a pint and rather than take his #42 glass with him asked the bartender to keep it on the shelf because he would return again for a pint Guinness.
Pat’s pint glass remains on the shelf of Rúla Búla’s backbar today.